Custom work gallery

See below for info on pricing and ordering your one-of-a-kind piece.

Ordering your custom piece

The pieces in the gallery above are samples/examples of custom orders I can create with hair submitted by you, or made with hair from my collection.  Click the image to see estimated price (in Canadian dollars).

I can combine various pieces/styles to create your individualized design. Each piece can be ordered as a hair clip, framed, or as-is. 

Contact me at to discuss your custom order! You can also visit my Etsy store.


Pricing shown in the album above is an estimate. We'll discuss the needs of your custom piece to determine a price based on what type of ornament you want, condition, length and colour of hair submitted, and framing.  

Hair submission

Length: The shortest length of hair I can work with to make flowers is 5 inches. The longer the hair, the more versatile, and the larger each petal can be.

Condition: Hair should ideally be mailed clean and tied into one or several ponytails with elastics. Hair that is not tied can be used but may cost more due to time spent sorting it. Hair that is matted cannot be used to make flowers.

Purchase your hairwork order

Once we've discussed your piece, use PayPal to finalize your order.

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